Personalized Concierge Medicine is the future of healthcare!

With Dr. Now, save up to 50% on your annual healthcare costs.

What are the advantages?

In addition to personalization and affordability, the benefits of a concierge doctor include:

  • A scheduled doctor’s visit (phone, virtual, or in-person) within 24 business hours of your request, Monday-Friday
  • Unlimited visits, which include preventative and proactive services
  • No limitations on primary care visits, prescriptions, or lab tests
  • Pay only $1 per primary care visit, prescription, or lab test on Elite Plus
  • Open membership-anyone can join
  • Improved health through a better relationship with your doctor
  • Free in-home delivery within 8 hours (Elite Plus)

Our Services

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What are the average cost savings?

How can Dr. Now save you up to 50% on your annual healthcare costs?

The Average Individual Cost for Insurance is
$700 monthly

For an alternative solution with Dr. Now, the Elite Plus membership costs $145 (Prescription, Lab, & Primary Care) and with a catastrophic coverage with an average cost of $200* for a total monthly cost of $345, will save you $355 monthly or 3,560 per year. *based on industry average

High level of competence

What is concierge healthcare?

Dr. Now is a membership-based discount program that provides individuals with a Concierge Primary Care Doctor that is personalized and affordable. Members receive primary care that is so personal; you will feel like you have a doctor in the family.

Concierge medicine most benefits individuals aged 25-64 who maintain healthy lifestyles (nearly 80% of corporate employees). Costs average $85-$145, depending on the plan chosen (Elite and/or Elite Plus). 

For more detailed benefits and cost savings, visit our For Members and For Employers pages. 

Personalized Concierge Medicine is the future of healthcare! To learn more, call Dr. Now today!