November 30, 2021

Concierge Health Care: A Concept Whose Time has Come


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The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the health care sector forever. Medical supplies and access to emergency care are diminishing. Patient numbers are swelling. Doctors are overburdened and left with limited opportunities to practice medicine in the way they envisioned.

Americans who are still uninsured fall in the millions. The Affordable Care Act made affordable care available to a wider swath of people to be sure, but the issue of price still forces many to forgo health insurance – whether due to the fact that they are underemployed, self-employed, temporary or contract workers, or work for a small company that can’t afford coverage for its employees. When there is no insurance, and no relationship with a primary care doctor for basic services, preventive care gets neglected. And that neglect can lead to avoidable emergencies.

In light of these factors, it is imperative to reinvent health care services and revolutionize the way they are administered, and the way we visit doctors – as well as bring patient costs down. That reinvention of medical care is called Dr.Now. A brand of concierge health care, Dr.Now offers two tiers of membership ($85 for Elite or $145 for Elite Plus, which includes labs and prescriptions), and its patients receive more personal, targeted care with less waiting. What does that look like?

• Unlimited doctor visits

• Phone, virtual or in-person appointments within 24 hours

• Benefits of early diagnosis

• Focus on preventive, proactive care

• Access to a robust network of fully credentialed physicians.

• Responsiveness to patient feedback, enabling continual improvements

• Savings of up to 50% on annual health care costs

If patients want catastrophic care – for hospital stays, life-saving surgery or serious ailments or accidents – a high-deductible (i.e. $15,000) catastrophic-coverage plan in addition to concierge care can still keep monthly costs down and assuage anxiety about worst-case scenarios.

Making things more seamless is the free Dr.Now app you can download to set and keep track of appointments and other details. Members can select credentialed doctors from the app, with same-day or next-day access to their doctor. These doctors provide care so personal, you will feel like you have a doctor in the family. If this sounds like a medical care plan that can work for you, visit or call 866-970-3310 to learn more or get started.