December 18, 2021

The Future of Concierge Medicine: Information You Need to Know

dr now 12-21

Over the past few decades, the American healthcare industry has evolved to improve competence in service delivery and innovation. Leading the way is the concept of concierge medicine. 

According to the American Academy of Private Physicians, concierge medical practices are growing at 25% annually as patients choose this new model over traditional approaches. The concierge medicine model reprioritizes the doctor-patient relationship and focuses on better patient healthcare outcomes. 

A typical concierge medicine membership – such as Dr. Now – includes the following features:

  • A scheduled doctor’s appointment (phone, virtual, or in-person) within 24 business hours of your request, Monday-Friday
  • Unlimited visits, including e preventative and proactive services
  • No limitations on primary care visits, prescriptions, or lab tests
  • Pay only $1 per primary care visit, prescription, or lab test (with Elite Plus membership)
  • Free in-home delivery within 8 hours (with Elite Plus membership)
  • Improved health through a better relationship with your doctor

The Future of Healthcare with Concierge Medicine

Longer and Frequent Appointments

The concierge healthcare model allows doctors to have more frequent appointments with their patients, building a closer doctor-patient relationship while focusing on the needs of each patient at a time. As a result, doctors have more time to run preventative and diagnostic tests. They also will have more time to evaluate your test results and, therefore, detect chronic diseases or illnesses in their early stages. 


Because doctors focus on preventative care and gain insight into each patient’s health, it reduces healthcare costs for patients enrolled in the membership program. Traditional doctors rely on ordering tests and procedures – instead of focusing on the patient’s needs – before diagnosing issues, increasing your overall healthcare costs. Only the necessary tests and treatments are ordered and prescribed with concierge medicine. 

Accessible Healthcare

One of the premium services provided by concierge medicine is having readily available doctors. Members can expect to schedule an appointment within 24 business hours of their request. However, some doctors have adopted the culture of constant contact with their patients via call, text, or email to answer any health-related questions or concerns. 

Patient-Centered Care

With concierge medicine, patients gain access to a doctor who takes the time to talk about health-related issues and how they correlate to overall health and well-being. By gaining insight into your overall health and reviewing your complete medical history, they can connect to specific health issues, make an informed diagnosis, and prescribe treatments. Additionally, a concierge doctor can coordinate care and recommend specialists, helping manage your overall health. 

Personalized Concierge Medicine is the Future of Healthcare! 

Concierge medicine is not just a fad; it is part of the future of medicine. Improving the doctor-patient relationship is the healthcare industry’s way to create a healthier world.

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